Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fast Forward Year 2

It is hard to believe my last post came before my first show of the year! After that show I was to say the least, a little heartbroken.  I was sure that I was on the right track to present my best at my first big out of state show.  It was my hope to qualify for the Yorton Cup at the end of this year which I did not.  I had a lot going on and many changes occurred at the last moment but I thought I had it under control.  Lesson learned - even the best coach, plan and execution does not ensure a win.  As a natural athlete I must listen to my body and also give it time to get the message right.   I did gain muscle, I just didn't loose the fat...not enough for competition anyway.  After some tears, lots of reflection and heart to heart with my coach I was ready to go! 

on Stage May 26th IFPA Pro Galaxy Elite

Being in the right mindset has always proven to be the best way to set up for success.  I set my goal on being ready for Figure again in September for the IFPA Pro Global Cup in Suwanee, GA very close by!

In the meantime I continued to train and even test out my new plan for diet and exercises by entering a regional show in the bikini category.  Mostly I wanted to know what the judges would think of me in bikini as opposed to figure.  Hoping that knowledge would make an easier choice of class for future competitions.  I was nervous about trying something new and unsure I'd be comfortable in the bikini class.   As it turned out on July 28th at the Excelsior Classic I learned that I am a worthy bikini competitor when I took first place.  I was surprised by how much fun it was to do the bikini presentation and by how well I looked and was received!  The judges said my confidence and presentation was what put me ahead.  The judges told me I was in great condition for bikini and that I could easily compete and place high in either figure or bikini given my shape and personality! Wow, I was on top of the world.

Now, a little more than 3 weeks away from my next show I am focused on following the plan my coach has designed for me.  Placement in the top half of my class will qualify me for the Yorton Cup which I missed out on at my last pro show. Mission ripped & ready for stage in full effect!! On a personal note, I am now working full time at Vitamin World where I am an assistant manager where I get to help customers find supplements to help them get and stay healthy.   I am also still teaching classes 3-5 times per week.  It takes some serious scheduling and preparation but I am giving it my all.  As always your support is appreciated and I invite you to come out and watch me in action, click the following link for show information.  

Each time I prepare for a contest I feel an amazing sense of clarity around my choices in life.  I feel so thankful to be taking care of myself, to be putting my health and family before all else.  I have chosen to do work that allows me to take care of my health and fund my needs.  I am glad to make the choices that bring me the most happiness and no longer willing to be controlled by the excuses I used to make, no time, not enough money and so on.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

2 Weeks to Go!!

In just two short weeks I'll be in Montgomery on stage at my first show of the year!  I am so excited about seeing and sharing the progress I am making on my physique.

The judges always share feedback with competitors after shows and I listened to what they told me what they wanted to see in me.  I then shared those things with my coach who has most certainly helped guide me in making myself better in this my second year competing.  I now have leaner legs, more shoulder development, and the conditioning to make it all pop is coming together. I do believe the judges will see a distinct difference in me and I really hope they will reward me for it :)

My Progress as of today May 14, 2012

The next two weeks will be filled with cardio, strength training, lots of lean protein and gallons of water up until the final days of depletion.  It will take focus and determination but I am ready!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Episode 7 of Independustry - The Unexercised Life is not Worth Living

My journey in fitness has lead me many places I never expected, allowed me to gain confidence I never dreamed and most recently has landed me on a reality show about the life and journey of some young up and coming rappers.  I had a blast filming with them and I hope you enjoy watching!

Presenting -Episode 7 of The Independustry - The Unexercised Life is not Worth Living

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Competition Prep Has Begun

The off season was an exciting time, a time for me to challenge myself in new ways.  I got stronger and put on some weight, about 10 pounds...mostly muscle as was predicted by my coach :)  The workouts were long and intense, allowing me to focus on building.  I got to enjoy some meals out but certainly didn't go wild, just enjoyed weekly meals out with my hubby.

The past few weeks things have changed, workouts are shorter and much faster pace.  Cardio is also back on my schedule and will increase as the weeks go by.  My diet is also more strict but I don't mind, there is lots of variety throughout the day.  Not a lot of calories but the foods are dense with nutrients so I feel more full than I thought I would. 

Here is a snapshot of my week 3 progress after morning cardio - makes me happy!

So what am I preparing for you ask?  First up is the IFPA Pro Galaxy Elite in Montgomery May 26th 2012.  For more details visit

Follow my progress both here and via my YouTube channel, I have set up a playlist for my preparation which I will update each week.  Feel free to look back at last year to see how far I have come in my journey.

Monday, February 6, 2012

NoJoke Lifestyle Feature!

Back in July I met Nitro from NoJoke Lifestyle, when he interviewed me after I won my Pro Card.  His online magazine showcases natural athletes and provides informative articles about fitness and competition.  After meeting me he decided to start a new segment called Highlights to learn more about the competitors he interviews at shows, I am honored that he has chosen me to highlight in his first Highlights episode!  Check it out....

Part 1 - About Teaching Part 2 - About Training and Motivation

Special Thanks to - Maggie with Tropix Tanning for my spray tan and to Kim of Blushed Makeup Artistry for my makeup!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Off Season, nothing really off about it!

I have been in my first off season now for almost 12 weeks and I can assure you that there really is nothing off about it.  My workouts are longer, my diet is still super clean and my schedule seems even crazier.  Being that I am so small, I still have to watch my calories but I am treating myself to cheats so that I can go out with my hubby and enjoy some of "regular life" outside the gym and kitchen!
That being said, I love it!  I am really seeing my body grow, biggest improvements would have to be chest and upper body.  Becoming stronger builds my confidence and as I become stronger in my resolve to continue to grow I become even more confident. 

Now, when I say grow I am speaking primarily of muscle.  I am growing in other areas too and losing my showtime leanness, this is a little hard to deal with sometimes but I know that it will pay off for in my 2012 season and beyond.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Looking for your votes!

As you know, I started my journey in figure competition this year and I am currently training hard to be competitive next year as a pro. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to share my story and inspire others to embrace their goals. In that effort I have entered an online contest with to be voted Spokesmodel of the year for 2012 with an opportunity to be featured on the cover of IronMan Magazine.

Voting is now open and you can vote one time per day and I would love for you to vote daily for the entire month of November.  My bodyspace username is orchidalive that will be the way to find me..please let me know if I can count on your vote!

Go to
Click on View Women
Scroll down to & click on orchidalive
Click Vote Now!